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Website Features Guide

Here are a list of guides to some of the more advanced features of the Bickers website.
For everyday items such as your login and account page, please use our F.A.Q. section.

Vehicle Selector Guide

The new and improved Vehicle Selector helps make finding your vehicles' compatibles parts quicker and easier than ever.
You can quickly browse all available compatible parts, including tyres, oils and oil filters, air filters, batteries, and lots more!

Plus our improvements reduce the amount of vehicles you have to browse through by up to 25%!

We haven't stopped there - compatible vehicle data has also been added to our product pages and site search, so no matter where you go or which method you prefer, accessing our database of over 500,000 fitments is only a few clicks away!


Chain & Sprocket Kit Builder

The chain and sprocket kit customiser allows you to choose new chain colours or sprocket sizes while we automatically maintain the correct chain length.
You can also remove the kit boxes or add extras, like the popular Motorex Chainlube.


Trade Invoices & Statements

If you are a trade customer, you can view all your invoices and statements online through the Bickers B2B, follow our guide and see how to find them and navigate the options available