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How To Use The Chain & Sprocket Kit Builder

You can customise any of our pre-made Chain and Sprocket Kits while still maintaining the correct fitments/specification the original bike the kit was intended for, or even change some items to alter the gearing ratio. This can be done in 5 simple steps.

Find the chain and sprocket kit you wish to customise and select the 'CUSTOMISE THIS KIT' button.

You will then be presented with the front and rear sprockets and any compatible chains. If you wish to only change your Chain (for different colours etc.) then skip to Step 3 of the builder to select it.

STEP 1: Select a front sprocket

Using the product title and image you can either click the product or choose from the dropdown to select the sprocket you wish to alter the kit to. The default items in a kit are in a red box and placed at the start of each steps available items.

Selecting a smaller or large amount of teeth will automatically adjust the chain length to still suit the original kits' specifications.

STEP 2: Select a rear sprocket

Selecting a smaller or larger amount of teeth - combined with any differences on the front sprocket - will automatically adjust the chain length to still suit the original kits' specifications


To undo any changes where you can't remember what you actually altered, it's sometimes easier to return back to the original kit page before customisation began (start from scratch).
To do this, click the chain kits title at the top of the page where it says 'Currently Customising..'.

STEP 3: Select a Chain

From the available options the chain may differ in colour and/or grade, the grade will always meet or exceed the OE grade of the original kit you are customising.

If you wish to override the automatically adjusted chain length use the - and + symbols to decrease or increase the amount of chain links - this will also update your available chain options.

STEP 4: Select a Chain Box

You can select whether to include a chain box, the option of box will change depending on the brand of chain you choose.
This helps minimise waste (and cost) if the kit is being immediately fitted as a box may not be required unless its for retail display/consumer use.

STEP 5 - Select Extras

Select any extras for the chain kit, this includes any chain lubes and any clips or links compatible with the original kits chain.

You have now customised a chain kit!
Click ADD TO BASKET to complete the process.