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  • About Bickers

    Since it was established in 1975, Bickers has been importing and supplying parts for the motorcycle, scooter and ATV/UTV trade. We have built up an impressive portfolio with manufacturers of the highest quality motorcycle parts and accessories such as Maxxis tyres, Motorex oils and RK chains.

    We have a nation-wide support team who are available to visit your store and discuss your requirements. They are backed-up by our friendly and knowledgeable sales team who will take your orders and answer any questions that you may have about our products.

  • Company Info

    Bickers is one of the UK’s leading motorcycle, ATV and bicycle parts and accessories distributors.

    Founded in 1975, Bickers has continued to grow every year since as an importer of various motorcycle, ATV and bicycle products which it supplies to the motorcycle aftermarket at wholesale and trade prices.

    In 2021, Bickers launched a Click and Collect website which enables motorcycle riders, ATV users and cyclists to find the aftermarket parts and accessories they need, and order them for collection from their local dealer.

    The main motorcycle, ATV and cycle product lines distributed by Bickers are:

      • Tyres
      • Oil
      • Braking Systems
      • Chains and Sprockets
      • Batteries and Chargers
      • Helmets and Clothing
      • Spark Plugs and Ignition Components
      • Cleaning and Care Products
      • Machine Spares and Parts
      • Security and Accessories
      • Tools and Workshop Equipment

    Bickers prides itself on its fast and reliable supply of motorcycle, ATV and cycle parts and accessories to its dealer network and therefore to all motorcyclists, ATV riders and cyclists who choose to buy parts and accessories from Bickers. 98% of orders arrive with the dealer next-day, and Bickers’ customer satisfaction is very high thanks to the old-fashioned good-customer-service approach.

    Bickers’ Brands

        Bickers are the sole importer for a variety of high quality, well-recognised brands such as:
        • Maxxis Motorcycle and ATV Tyres
        • CST Motorcycle and ATV Tyres
        • Motorex
        • RK Chain
        • Ferodo Braking Systems
        • Nitro Helmets
        • GS Motorcycle and ATV Batteries
        • Squire Motorcycle Padlocks and Chain

    Interested in buying from Bickers? Dealers can login here or register to become a trade customer of Bickers, while motorcycle, ATV and cycle users can use the buttons below to find the parts and accessories they need.

  • How To Use Your Account Page

    For everything account related visit the 'YOUR ACCOUNT' section, normally the first page when you have logged in.

    You will be presented with the following options;

    • MY SAVED BASKETS: View your saved baskets and restore them to your shopping basket.
    • MY ONLINE ORDER HISTORY: Track your recent online orders and re-order previous online orders
    • ORDER HISTORY: View all previous orders
    • INVOICES & STATEMENTS: View account statement history
    • MY DETAILS: Update your account details including your email address and newsletter subscription
    • MY ADDRESS BOOK: Manage your delivery and billing addresses
    • MY PASSWORD: Change the password you use to login
    • LOGOUT: Securely logout of your Bickers account
  • Showing Prices Including or Excluding VAT

    Prices can be displayed either including or excluding VAT.

    Desktop: Simply use the VAT selector located in the very top blue bar across the Bickers website. it will either read VAT (INC). for prices being shown inclusive of VAT or EX. VAT for excluding VAT.
    Mobile: You can select either Inc VAT or Ex. VAT button from the homepage or every product-related page.

  • Order History - What do the remarks mean?

    Some remarks are added to orders normally for internal use or your reference, this includes;

    • "WEB" or "B2B": This means the order was placed online through our B2B website
    • "Email" : A note that the order was placed through an email, normally through
    • "ASM" : A note to signify the order was placed through an Area Sales Manager

    • "BIN - GREEN": If the item is part of a Back Order for example, you will have already received the full order note/packing slip (your copy is in Green), so the new additional slip is disposed of to avoid confusion.

    • Various Names: Normally a reference is added for who processed the order in our Sales Team and if the order was placed through your Area Sales Manager (Account Manager) then their name is placed on the remarks too
  • Adding your own Part Numbers

    When logged in you can add your own product numbers to each product, this is for your own reference. This reference can then be used for product searches.

  • Stock - Finding Details On Our Stock Levels

    The stock levels on our website are regularly updated, but if a product is out of stock we also provide information on expected stock due dates or alternatives.

    Expected Dates: If we have information regarding stock due dates this is display next to the stock indicator. These are rough estimates, as depending on the amount of stock and it's origin it may take a few days to process or longer periods if arriving by sea.

    Alternative Stock: You can view alternative items that are potentially in stock at the base of a product page in the Other Colours/Sizes, or Alternatives sections.
    For the more complex items, such as Chain & Sprocket Kits, we will look to find alternative items for each component/option- even using cut-length chains (off a roll). Notices will be displayed on the product description when a suggestion for alternative components are available.

  • Using the Chain & Sprocket Kit Builder

    Find the chain and sprocket kit you wish to customise and select the 'CUSTOMISE THIS KIT' button.

    You will then be presented with the front and rear sprockets and any compatible chains. If you wish to only change your Chain then skip to Step 3 of the builder to select it.


    1. Select a front sprocket
      Selecting a smaller or large amount of teeth will automatically adjust the chain length to still suit the original kits' parameters
    2. Select a rear sprocket
      Selecting a smaller or larger amount of teeth - combined with any difference son the front sprocket - will automatically adjust the chain length to still suit the original kits' parameters
    3. Select a Chain
      From the available options the chain may differ in colour and/or grade, the grade will always meet or exceed the grade in the original kit you are customise of the OE grade of chain
    4. Select a Chain Box
      You can select whether to include a chain box, this helps minimise waste (and cost) if the kit is immediately fitted.
    5. Select Extras
      Select any extras for the chain kit, this includes any chain lubes and any clips or links compatible with the chain choices

    To view the full guide on using the Chain & Sprocket Kit builder, including extra hints and tips, please click here



  • View Past Invoices

    Invoices & Statements

    The invoices and statements section has been completely revamped to ensure that you can always access your account transactions, this includes invoices, credit notes, adjustments, and incoming payments.

    Invoices and Statements are also available for download from this section.

    For a guide on using the Invoices & Statements section click here

    Order History

    Your complete Order History from our internal system can be seen online, unlike the 'Online Order History' this contains orders that were placed through e-mail, over the phone, and through the online B2B.

    The Order History can look back at orders as far back as our system supports and allows you to lookup the products by clicking on the link in the order lines, allowing you to find either the original product or any possible alternatives if the product has been superceded.

    Online Order History

    For any orders that have been placed online you can immediately find them through your Online Order History.
    This allows you to quickly Re-Order from your previous orders and see the status of those previous orders.

  • International Delivery

    Unfortunately we do not currently delivery to addresses outside of mainland UK. You may place an order for Products from outside the UK, but this order must be for delivery to an address in mainland UK.

    Upon a pre-arranged agreement, delivery outside of mainland UK can be made at the cost of the customer.

  • Dispatch Times

    Orders are dispatched within 24 hours if the parts are in stock.
    Larger (pallet) items may be 2-3 days until dispatch.

    Dispatch times may vary depending on national holidays, unprecedented busy periods or other circumstances beyond our control.


  • Why isn't my business appearing on the stockist finder?

    The stockist finder is only populated with businesses that have an active trade account with Bickers and show activity in our records over the last 6 months.
    Our database for the stockist finder is also only updated when significant changes occur that warrant an update.

    If you still feel your business is missing from the Stockist Finder please contact us at
    You can also contact us if you wish for your business to be removed from the Stockist Finder.