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Guide To Using B2B Invoices & Statements

You can view all your invoices and statements online through the Bickers B2B, below are details on how to find them and navigate the options available


  1. First, log in using your email as originally set up when you requested access to the B2B.
    If you don't know your login details, or you would like to request for it to be set up, please contact us.
  2. Once logged in, you are normally directed to the 'My Account' page. If not, click the 'My Account' link in the blue bar at top of the page or at the base of the page. Alternatively, you can visit this link: bickers-online.co.uk/customer
  3. Once on the My Account page, look for the link to 'INVOICES & STATEMENTS'.
    You can jump directly to that page by clicking this link

You are now on the main Invoices & Statements page



You will immediately see recent invoices (from the last 30 days) listed on the page, to download them select the DOWNLOAD PDF button to the right of each row to begin the download.
Any credit notes, adjustments or payments are also listed.


To list only one type, either invoices, credit notes, adjustments or payments, change the first 'Document Type' dropdown from 'ALL' to the document type you would like your view to be limited to.
Then click 'APPLY FILTERS'

To refine the list to a specific date, select (click) dates in the 'Date From' and 'Date From' and then once again select '

To undo any of the filters you applied, click 'CLEAR FILTERS'


Once on the Invoices & Statements page, you can download your latest statement in one simple step.

Simply look for the red button named 'DOWNLOAD ACCOUNT STATEMENT PDF' to the right of the page.

This will provide you a download of your latest account balance for the last month.

Be default, this statement is for the last 30 days. However, if you change the 'Date From' and 'Date To' as you do when viewing the invoices list, the statement will change to that date range.


If you haven't set it up already, you can get invoices delivered directly to your inbox!
Simply let us know which email addresses you would like to receive your invoices by contacting us