View Past Invoices

Invoices & Statements

The invoices and statements section has been completely revamped to ensure that you can always access your account transactions, this includes invoices, credit notes, adjustments, and incoming payments.

Invoices and Statements are also available for download from this section.

For a guide on using the Invoices & Statements section click here

Order History

Your complete Order History from our internal system can be seen online, unlike the 'Online Order History' this contains orders that were placed through e-mail, over the phone, and through the online B2B.

The Order History can look back at orders as far back as our system supports and allows you to lookup the products by clicking on the link in the order lines, allowing you to find either the original product or any possible alternatives if the product has been superceded.

Online Order History

For any orders that have been placed online you can immediately find them through your Online Order History.
This allows you to quickly Re-Order from your previous orders and see the status of those previous orders.