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Motorex: One of the best chain lubes for your motorcycle

Chain lubricant is incredibly important to ensure that your motorbike and its chain performs at its best. It’s important that motorcycle riders know which type of chain lube is best suited to their bike whether they are adventure, road, off-road or race motorbikes. 


Road Motorcycle Chain Lube

Road motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes, from 50cc scooters or mopeds to 1300cc+ motorcycles with incredible power-to-weight ratios. Whichever your motorcycle, it is important to ensure the chain lubricant you use is up to the task. The Motorex Chain Lube Road is a market-leading product due to its resilience and ability to provide excellent lubrication to a huge range of chains and bikes. This Chain Lube is fully synthetic and has absolute anti-fling technology to ensure that once your chain is lubricated, it stays that way and does not throw grease along your bike’s paintwork. The Motorex Road Chain Lube is completely waterproof and suitable for use on X-ring, O-ring and Z-ring sealed chains, and unsealed chains too. 


Adventure Motorcycle Chain Lube

Adventure bikes are used for riding on a range of surfaces, from urban areas to country roads, light off-road exploration and motorways, too. In addition, many motorcyclists use these bikes for long journeys and adventurous rides taking them far away from paved roads. Adventure bikes are one of the most popular types of motorcycle in the UK, so it is important to use a chain lube which can not only withstand various types of riding, but also protect and continue to lubricate the chain in these environments, too . The Motorex Chain Lube Adventure has been developed specifically for adventure motorcyclists, and offers low dirt adhesion to help dislodge dirt during off-road riding, water resistance to prevent rust and corrosion, lubrication performance under high pressures and anti-fling technology to keep the chain lubricated on an ongoing basis.


Motocross or Enduro Chain Lube

Off-road bikes, typically motocross or enduro bikes, are often put through some of the toughest terrains and environments, not to mention the extreme nature of demands required of a motocross or enduro chain, so it is important that off-road motorcycle chains are well maintained.  Motorex Off-Road Chain Lube is a fully synthetic chain lubricant, which has been formulated especially for off-road, motocross and enduro motorcycles.  The Motorex Chain Lube Off-Road has been developed for sealed and unsealed chains and offers excellent lubricating properties throughout a range of temperatures, deep penetration into the chain components, water resistance to help lengthen chain life and prevent corrosion, and is anti-fling. This Off-Road Chain Lube will help withstand the high pressure demanded from today's motorcycle chains and extend the working life of your motocross or enduro bike’s chain.


Racing Motorcycle Chain Lube

Track-based race motorcycles are often high-performance machines operating at high temperatures and pushed to their limits. Motorcycle racers or track day riders therefore need to ensure that the products they use are capable of excelling in these conditions. The Motorex Chain Lube Racing has been developed throughout many years in partnership with various teams in MotoGP, proving the product’s ability to perform in the most extreme of environments, proven most recently by Red Bull KTM Racing in MotoGP as well as many other teams at this level and throughout Moto2 and Moto3, too. The Motorex Racing Chain Lube is a high-performance chain lubricant which contains PTFE for reduction of chain wear, incredibly strong adhesion, stability in high temperatures and resistant to fling-off. This Racing Chain Lube is also water resistant for continued performance throughout wet races and test sessions, too. 


Whichever your motorcycle or your riding style, the Motorex range of chain lubricants has a product suited to you.