MOTOREX Chainlube Road (12) White 500ml 7300415

White chain lubricant, fully synthetic formula has absolute resistance against fling-off and is completely waterproof, especially formulated for road-going motorcycles

7300415 MOTOREX CHAINLUBE 622 ROAD STRONG 500ML White road wax spray chain lubricant fully White chain lube lubricant fully synthetic waterproof road white wax synthetic formula waterproof road MOTOREX CHAINLUBE 622 ROAD STRONG 500ML WHITE LUBE SKU7300415 Motorex Chainlube Road 12 White 500ml Motorcycle 500 ML Chain Maintenance Chain Lubes 7611197161059 302347
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White chain lubricant, fully synthetic clear formula has absolute resistance against fling-off and is completely waterproof, especially formulated for road-going motorcycles, tested for O-rings, X-rings and Z-rings, extremely good adhesion, resistant to water, considered the best chainlube available for street and touring motorcycles, extends the working life of the chain kit.

Barcode: 7611197161059
  • Colour:
  • Size:
    500 ML

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  • Ducati: 1000 1000Sportclassic, 1098 1098Streetfighter, 1098 1198, 1098 1198S, 1198 1198, 1198 1198Diavel, 1198 1198R, 1198 1198S, 1198 1198SP, 250 250, 250 250Desmo, 350 350, 350 350Desmo, 350 350F3, 400 400F3, 450 450, 500 500S, 600 600SL, 620 620, 620 620ie DD, 620 620S ie, 620 620SL, 650 650Desmo, 748 748BiPosto, 748 748R, 748 748S, 748 748SP, 748 748SPS, 749 749, 749 749Monster, 749 749R, 749 749S, 750 750Endurance, 750 750F1, 750 750Sport, 800 800SS, 848 848Evo, 848 848Evo Corse SE, 848 848Evo Dark, 851 851Kit / Superbike, 851 851SP, 851 851SP3, 851 851SP4, 860 860GT, 888 888, 888 888DesmoQuattro, 888 888Strada, 900 900Sport ie, 907 907E, 907 907ie, 916 916, 916 916BiPosto, 916 916S4, 916 916Senna I, 916 916Senna II, 916 916Senna III, 916 916Sport Production, 916 916Strada, 996 996, 996 996Biposto, 996 996R, 996 996S, 996 996S4R, 996 996Sport Production, 996 996SPS, 996 996SPS III, 996 998S, 998 998BiPosto, 998 998R, 998 998S, 999 999Superbike, Darmah 900SD, Desmosedici 1000Sportclassic, Diavel 1200, Diavel 1200AMG, Diavel 1200Carbon, Diavel 1200Cromo, Diavel 1200Dark, Diavel 1200Diesel, Diavel 1200S, Diavel 1200Strada, Diavel 1200Titanium, Diavel 1260, GT 1000Sportclassic, GT 1000Sportclassic Touring, GTL 350, GTL 500Sport, GTV 350SL, GTV 350Sport, GTV 350XL, GTV 500, GTV 500SL, Hypermotard 1100, Hypermotard 1100Evo, Hypermotard 1100S, Hypermotard 1100SP, Hypermotard 796, Hypermotard 820, Hypermotard 820SP, Hypermotard 939, Hypermotard 939SP, Hypermotard 950 937, Hyperstrada 820, Hyperstrada 820Dark, Hyperstrada 939, Indiana 650, Indiana 750, MH 900E, Mille 1000Mike Hailwood Replica, Mille 1000S2, Monster 1000, Monster 1000ie, Monster 1000S ie, Monster 1000S2R, Monster 1000S4R, Monster 1000S4RS, Monster 1100, Monster 1100Diesel, Monster 1100Evo, Monster 1100Evo Anniversary, Monster 1100S, Monster 1200, Monster 1200R, Monster 1200S, Monster 400, Monster 400Dark, Monster 400IE, Monster 600, Monster 600City, Monster 600City Dark, Monster 600Dark, Monster 600MetOptic, Monster 600SL, Monster 620ie, Monster 620ie DD, Monster 620ie MD, Monster 620S ie, Monster 695, Monster 696 /ABS, Monster 750, Monster 750City, Monster 750City Dark, Monster 750Dark, Monster 750ie, Monster 750MetOptic, Monster 795, Monster 795ie S, Monster 796, Monster 796Anniversary, Monster 797, Monster 797ie, Monster 797Plus, Monster 800ie, Monster 800S2R, Monster 820, Monster 820Dark, Monster 820Stripe, Monster 821Stealth/Stripe/Dark, Monster 900, Monster 900City, Monster 900City Dark, Monster 900Cromo, Monster 900ie, Monster 900S ie, Monster 900Special, Monster 916, Monster 916S4, Monster 916S4R, Monster 996S4R, Monster 998S4R, Multistrada 1000DS, Multistrada 1000S, Multistrada 1000Sport Classic, Multistrada 1100, Multistrada 1100S, Multistrada 1100Speciale, Multistrada 1200, Multistrada 1200DVT, Multistrada 1200Granturismo, Multistrada 1200Pikes Peak, Multistrada 1200S, Multistrada 1200Sport Touring, Multistrada 1200Standard, Multistrada 1200Touring, Multistrada 1260, Multistrada 1260D-Air, Multistrada 1260Enduro, Multistrada 1260Pikes Peak, Multistrada 1260S, Multistrada 1260Touring, Multistrada 620, Multistrada 620Dark, Multistrada 620ie, Multistrada 620ie DD, Multistrada 620ie MD, Multistrada 950, Multistrada 950DVT, Multistrada 950S, Multistrada 950SW, Panigale 1100S, Panigale 1103V4, Panigale 1103V4S, Panigale 1199AMG, Panigale 1199R, Panigale 1199S, Panigale 1199Superleggera, Panigale 1299, Panigale 1299Final Edition, Panigale 1299R, Panigale 1299S, Panigale 1299Superleggera, Panigale 899ie, Panigale 959, Panigale 959SPS , Panigale 959SPS 996, Panigale 998V4R, Pantah 350SL, Pantah 350SS, Pantah 350TL, Pantah 350XL, Pantah 500, Pantah 500SL, Pantah 600SL, Pantah 600SS, Pantah 600TL, Pantah 650, Paso 750, Paso 750ie, Paso 906Sport, Paso 907BiPosto, Paso 907Sport, Portedefolio 1100, Portedefolio 1100Special, S 750Sport Carenata, S 750Sport Nuda, S 800SS ie, Scrambler 1100, Scrambler 1100R, Scrambler 1100Sport, Scrambler 400SS, 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800Nuda, Supersport 800SS ie, Supersport 900Sport, Supersport 900SS, Supersport 900SS FE, Supersport 900SS ie, Supersport 900SS MHR, Supersport 900SS MHR II, Supersport 937, Supersport 937S, Supersport 937SP, Supersport 950, XDiavel 1260, XDiavel 1260S, Xdiavel 1262, Xdiavel 1262S

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