Special Sprocket Request Guide


If you have a non-standard sprocket request, play the video to understand more, then click on the link below and fill out the form, to help us make the correct sprocket for you!

For street and off road bikes, where you can't find what you want or you are looking for something special. Available in Gold, Black, Red, Blue, Silver and Orange.
Stunt bike rear sprocket for 520 chain size is available only in Gold colour, size 55 – 60 – 70 Teeth.

Ideal For:

  • Special colours
  • 520, 525, 530 chain size
  • Special hub fitting
  • Between 36 to 70 teeth

Form Options

How To Fill In The Form

Here is a brief guide on how to fill in the Special Sprocket Request form

  1. Fill in your account name and details so we can easily track your request
  2. For clarification and accuracy please enter the details of the bike that the sprocket is to fit
  3. Enter the basics for the sprocket such as Pitch, Teeth, and the Colour you require
  4. Fill in the dimensions of the sprocket (as in the image) for the Inner Diameter (IND)Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD), AND Bolt Hole Diameter (BHD).
  5. Choose whether the bolt holes should be Plain (P), Countersink (CS) or Counterbore (CB)
  6. Submit the form, your request sent to Supersprox for assessment


Please note that the measurements you provide are considered binding. The order is non-returnable/refundable, any mistakes that arise due to incorrect measurements are your responsibility. By submitting the special request form you agree to these terms.