Order History - What do the remarks mean?

Some remarks are added to orders normally for internal use or your reference, this includes;

  • "WEB" or "B2B": This means the order was placed online through our B2B website
  • "Email" : A note that the order was placed through an email, normally through sales@bickers-online.co.uk
  • "ASM" : A note to signify the order was placed through an Area Sales Manager

  • "BIN - GREEN": If the item is part of a Back Order for example, you will have already received the full order note/packing slip (your copy is in Green), so the new additional slip is disposed of to avoid confusion.

  • Various Names: Normally a reference is added for who processed the order in our Sales Team and if the order was placed through your Area Sales Manager (Account Manager) then their name is placed on the remarks too