Putting a spotlight on the SuperMaxx Range

Over the next few weeks, we will be putting a spotlight on the Maxxis SuperMaxx range.

Whether your customers want something comfortable, sporty, unique, or maybe all three, the SuperMaxx range has everything you need. 

Helping you gain sales

  • As part of this campaign, we will be running the following activities to a consumer audience:
  • Google Search campaigns for each tyre relevant to certain search queries
  • Social media campaigns targeted to relevant audiences for each tyre
  • Redesigned landing pages to encourage consumers to learn more about the tyre
  • Riding Style Quiz 
  • Tyre giveaway
  • Editorial about the SuperMaxx range in popular consumer-facing magazines

We will also be sharing the results of our digital advertising around halfway through and offering bespoke localised digital marketing to any dealers who are interested.