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How to Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet

Not sure how to clean your motorcycle helmet without affecting its fit or using damaging products? No need to panic. We have you covered.

Motorcycle helmets can get dirty after a while, both inside and out, so it is important to keep your helmet fresh. 

There are various helmet cleaners on the market today, most of which are either external helmet cleaners, or internal helmet cleaners. To save time and money, we recommend purchasing an all-in-one cleaner such as Motorex Helmet Care, which is designed to clean both inside and outside your helmet. 

Motorex Helmet Care is a cleaning and care foam which can be sprayed onto a cloth or directly onto the outer shell of your motorcycle helmet and wiped over to remove dead flies, road grime and other dirt which can accumulate on your helmet. 

To clean the inner padding, you should avoid putting the liners in the wash, as this can affect their size and therefore the adequacy of the helmet fit post-clean. Instead, spray the Motorex Helmet Care foam over the padding (you may remove this from the helmet first if you wish) before rubbing with a clean, dry cloth to remove any dirt. Repeat as many times as necessary until no dirt comes away. Then wait for the lining to dry before re-affixing it to your helmet. 

This helmet cleaning process is effective, fast and incredibly easy. Motorex Helmet Care deodorises and refreshes your inner padding, which is essential to keep your helmet fresh. This cleaning product is also anti-bacterial. 

Cleaning your helmet’s visor is the most important thing to do when cleaning your helmet, and you should really take a visor cleaning product with you when you ride to ensure visibility at all times. We advise using Motorex Viso-Clean visor wipes. These wipes loosen and remove, dust, insects, dirt and oil residue quickly and effectively and ensure increased safety by giving a smudge-free, clear view. All you need to do is lay the wet wipe over the top of your visor and let it take action for a few minutes, before wiping it off with a dry cloth.

You can purchase these products from this website, and collect them from your local bike shop.