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How To Clean Your Motorcycle Chain

Maintaining your motorcycle chain is an incredibly important part of keeping your motorcycle running smoothly and efficiently, as well as maximising your potential power output. But how do you maintain your motorcycle chain? We’ve got you covered with a simple method of cleaning your motorbike chain.

If your motorcycle chain has a light build-up of dirt and just needs a light clean, simply spray a high quality chain cleaner directly onto a clean cloth for about 4 seconds until soaked, then wrap the soaked cloth around the chain, and gently wipe the dirt away until clean.

To remove heavy dirt build-ups on your motorbike’s chain, we recommend a slightly different method. Firstly, spray your chain cleaner directly onto the chain at an angle. After a few minutes the dirt should start to loosen and you can spray more chain cleaner on to simply move the dirt. Should stubborn dirt remain, you can use a non-wire brush to gently scrub it away. To prevent the cleaner splattering over other parts of your motorcycle, simply use a dry cloth or a piece of paper while you’re spraying the chain to cover parts of your bike and protect them from any overspray. 

After you have cleaned your motorcycle chain, it is important that you wipe off the remaining cleaner from the chain’s surface using a clean, dry cloth. This will help to prevent the cleaner from splattering during riding. 

Once you have cleaned your chain and wiped away surplus chain cleaner, we highly recommend lubricating your chain to keep it in the best condition possible, help prevent future dirt ingress, and lengthen the life of your chain. 

Here at Bickers we supply some of the best chains money can by and we recommend RK motorcycle chains, if you’re looking for a chain that is effective and very easy to clean. We’ve also found Motorex Chain Clean to be one of the best and most effective chain cleaners around, as it is incredibly easy to use, is highly effective and is suitable for use on sealed and unsealed chains.

We hope that this post has helped you gain a better understanding of how to clean your motorcycle chain, so that your bike can perform to its best.