Equipment you need

Changing your motorcycle oil might sound like a daunting task if you have never done it before. But do not worry; if you’re set on DIYing it, we’re here to help. 

Step 1: Make sure you have everything you need

  • Allen Key or Spanner 
  • Oil filter wrench 
  • Replacement oil (use our Vehicle Selector to find the right oil for your motorbike)
  • Replacement oil filter (use our Vehicle Selector to find the right oil filter for your motorbike)
  • Pad/old towel
  • Drain Tray
  • Gloves
  • Goggles

Step 2: Warm the engine

Warming the engine reduces the viscosity of the oil (makes it runny), enabling it to flow better when draining it. It is important to make sure your bike is in an upright and secure position before you start working on it, and of course that the bike is in neutral before starting the engine. While you wait, put on your protective gloves and goggles. 

Step 3: Drain the oil

Once the bike is warm (usually after 8-10 minutes), switch it off. Ensure you wait 10-15 minutes after switching the bike off to ensure it cools enough to make it safe to work with. 

When the oil has had chance to cool slightly, but not fully, place your old towel underneath the oil drain plug of your bike, and place your drip tray on top of it, ensuring the oil drain plug is aimed at the centre of the tray. 

Using either an Allen Key or Spanner, the size of which will be stipulated in your Owner’s Manual for the bike, remove the oil drain plug carefully and remember the oil will still be hot! You will also need to unscrew the oil filling cap to enable complete air flow for better oil drainage. Ensure all the oil has drained before moving to the next step. 


Step 4: Replace your oil filter

At this stage, replace your oil filter. This can be found in the engine case, access to which will be stipulated in your Owner’s Manual. You will need a wrench and a brand-new oil filter (use our Vehicle Selector to find the right oil filter for your motorbike). Your Owner’s Manual may contain instructions on replacing sealing rings and gaskets, which you can also find using our Vehicle Selector and buy online with Bickers for collection from your local dealer. 

Step 5: Fill up with fresh oil

Secure the drain plug back onto your motorbike. Then, pour your new engine oil into your bike as you usually would if topping-up your oil. Remember that as your motorbike has been completely drained of oil, you need to ensure you put plenty in to fill the capacity stipulated in your Owner’s Manual; usually at least one litre of oil will be needed. 

Finally, replace the oil filler cap, make sure all seals are secured tightly and check the oil level in the inspection glass. Wait a few minutes for the oil to settle into your motorcycle’s system, then start the engine and run it up to temperature. After 10-15 minutes, switch the engine off, wait for your bike to cool and then check the oil level again and top-up as needed.  

When all the above is done, you’re ready to ride!

Please ensure you carefully observe the manufacturer’s instructions through the whole oil change process, and that you dispose of the used engine oil in accordance with local recycling rules. 

Once you’ve completed your oil change and given your engine a new lease of life, why not check your chain and sprockets and give the outside of your bike some TLC?