Best ATV Tyres For Farming

Farming in the UK is, realistically, tough at the best of times. With weather changing more frequently than MotoGP Silverstone gear changes, it’s important for farmers to have the right ATV tyres, for every terrain type from sloppy mud to wet grass, while maintaining a decent load rating for those heavy bags of feed, fertiliser and more. 

Here at Bickers we supply a vast range of market-leading ATV tyres which cater to all of these needs:

The Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tyre is a favourite amongst farmers, offering the same incredible mud grip and high load rating as the original Bighorn, with a new, lightweight construction.  The Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tyre comes with a non-directional pattern providing predictable corning and allows the tyre to claw through any terrain it faces, making it a suitable ATV tyre for the everyday farmer. Is it any wonder that the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 is Original Equipment on premium manufacturers, like Can-Am, Arctic Cat and John Deere? 

For an ATV tyre which can power through some of the toughest fields, the Maxxis Surtrak C9208 is the tyre to consider. This ATV tyre comes with a multi-directional tread design with dual channel lugs to move loose soil away from the contact patch for enhanced traction and all-found performance, offering grip and control in most terrains, such as mud, sand and snow,  making it a perfect tyre for farming.

For farmers who need to access rooty, wooded areas, the Maxxis Rubicon M983 is perfect. This unique ATV tyre provides ultimate performance in arduous conditions while still using standard rims. The Rubicon M983 is a strong, durable and reliable tyre, designed for off-road, muddy and boggy conditions, performing particularly well over slippery tree roots and other solid obstacles. What’s more, the tyre provides plenty of traction and power, enabling you to tackle the toughest muddy conditions.

For more of a do-it-all farming approach, the ATV tyres to choose are the CST Stag or the CST Ancla tyre. Both have a larger contact patch making them more comfortable and grippy across hard terrains such as the yard and hard-packed fields, as well as offering mud grip when needed out in the fields. 

Are you a farmer looking for new ATV tyres? We hope this guide has been helpful, and remember, all these tyres are available in a huge range of sizes to order from us, the importer, for excellent prices and to collect from your local dealer, supporting your local businesses.