CST 120/70ZR17 CM-S1 58W TL Ride Migra Tyre 2789140

CST Ride Migra radial Tyre

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This item requires professional installation. Please ensure it is fitted by a qualified technician.

CST has finally entered the radial tyre market with the Ride Migra.

CSTs first Sports Touring tyre is what you would expect from the largest producer of motorcycle tyres in the world.

Developed over many years drawing experience from our sister company Maxxis and working with OE (Original Equipment) manufacturers the Ride Migra is a perfect blend of balance, grip and performance demanded by todays rider. Our test riders, ex BSB Champions were amazed at the level of grip and they were unable to break it when testing.

  • Excellent high-speed stability
  • Flexible manoeuvrability and outstanding stability
    when cornering
  • Perfect performance, both in the wet and drySuperb ride comfort, ideally suited to sports touring motorcycles
  • Radial construction for low fuel consumption on long journeys

Barcode: 6933882548190
Rim Size:17
Load Rate:58
Speed Rate:W
Use:Sports Touring

Fitment Summary
Compatible with 4,001 models (yearly).

  • Aprilia: Caponord 1200 Brembo caliper M432, Dorsoduro 1200 Brembo 4 Pist radial caliper, Dorsoduro 750SMV, Mana 850GT, Mana 850NA, RST 1000 Futura, RSV 1000 Factory, RSV 1000 Mille ME, RSV 1000 Mille R, RSV 1000 Mille R ME, RSV 1000 R Factory, RSV 1000 R Racing, RSV 1000 SBK Factory, RSV 1000 Tuono, RSV 1000 Tuono Factory R, RSV 1000 Tuono Fighter, RSV 1000 Tuono R, RSV 1000 Tuono R Factory, RSV 1000 Tuono RR, RSV 1000 Tuono V4R, RSV4 1000F, RSV4 1000 Factory, RSV4 1000 Factory APRC, RSV4 1000LE, RSV4 1000R, RSV4 1000 R Factory, RSV4 1000RE, RSV4 1000RF, RSV4 1000RR, RSV4 1000 Tuono, RSV4R 1000 Tuono, SL 1000 Falco PA, SL 750 Shiver, SXV 450, SXV 450 Street, SXV 550, Tuono 1100V4, Tuono 1100 V4 RR
  • Benelli: BN 302, BN 302R, BN 302S, BN 600GT, BN 600i, BN 600R, BN 600R I, BX 570 Motard, TNT 1130, TNT 1130 Cafe Racer, TNT 1130 Century Racer, TNT 1130 Naked Tre, TNT 1130R, TNT 1130 R 160, TNT 1130 R Sport, TNT 1130 Titanium, TNT 900 Cafe Racer, TNT 900 Century Racer, TNT 900 Naked Tre, TNT 900 Sport, Tornado 1130Tre, Tornado 900Tre, TreK 1130, TreK 900
  • Beta: M4 350 Motard
  • Bimota: BB1 650 Supermono, BB3 1000, DB10 1100E, DB10 1100RE, DB2 904SR, DB3 904 Mantra, DB4 904, DB5 1000, DB5 1100, DB5 1100E, DB5 1100R, DB5 1100RE, DB6 1100, DB6 1100E, DB6 1100 Naked, DB6 1100R, DB6 1100RE, DB6 992 Deliro, DB7 1100, DB7 1100C, DB7 1100 Naked, DB8 1200, DB8 1200 Brembo Evo M50 4-Pist, DB9 1200, DB9 1200C, DB9 1200S, DBX 1100, SB3 1000, SB3 1000 Enduro, SB6 1100, SB6R 1100, SB7 750, SB8K 1000 Gobert, SB8R 1000, SB8R 1000 Monolever, SB8R 1000 Santa Monica, Tesi 1100, Tesi 1100 Naked, Tesi 800 3D Racer, Tesi 9061D, YB10 1000 Biposto, YB10 1000 Dieci, YB11 1000, YB4 750, YB6 1000 Enduro, YB8 1000E, YB8 1000 E.I., YB8 1000 Furano, YB9 600
  • BMW: F800 800GT, F800 800 R brembo 4-Pist radial caliper, F800 800S, F800 800ST, G 650 X moto, HP2 1200 Enduro, K 1100RS, K 1200GT, K 1200R, K 1200RS, K 1200S, K1 1000 K589, K100 1000RS, K100 1000RT, R 1100R, R 1100RS, R 1100RT, R 1100S, R 1150R, R 1150RS, R 1150RT, R 1200 RT K26, R 1200 RT K52, R 1200S, R85 850 R R259, R85 850RT, R85 850 RT R22, R85 850 RT R259, S 1000LT, S 1000R, S 1000RR, S 1000 RR Sport, S 1000XR
  • Buell: CR 1125, M2 1200 Cyclone, M2 1200 Lightning, R 1125, R 1125 Cyclone, R 1125 Super TT, RS 1200, S1 1200 Lightning, S1 1200 White Lightning, S3 1200 Thunderbolt, S3T 1200 Lightning, S3T 1200 Thunderbolt, X1 1200 Firebolt, X1 1200 Lightning, X1 1200 White Lightning, X1W 1200 Firebolt, XB12 1200 Lightning Long, XB12 1200 Lightning Short, XB12 1200 Lightning Super TT, XB12R 1200 Firebolt, XB12R 1200 Lightning, XB12RR 1200 Firebolt, XB12S 1200 Lightning, XB12S 1200 Lightning City, XB12S 1200 Lightning Long, XB12S 1200 Lightning Short, XB12S 1200 TT Lightning, XB12STT 1200 Lightning City, XB12SX 1200 Ulysses, XB12T 1200 Ulysses, XB12X 1200 Ulysses, XB12XT 1200G, XB9R 1000 Firebolt, XB9RR 1340, XB9S 1000 Firebolt, XB9SX 1000, XB9SX 1000 Lightning City X
  • Cagiva: Mito 125II, Raptor 1000, Raptor 650, Raptor 650ie, VRaptor 1000, VRaptor 650, VRaptor 650 Serie I, XTra Raptor 1000, XTra Raptor 1000Blu
  • Ducati: 1098 Brembo Evo M50 4-Pist Caliper, 1098R, 1098S, 1198 Brembo Evo M50 4-Pist Caliper, 1198R, 1198S, 1198 S Corse, 620 Sport Carenata, 748 BiPosto, 748R, 748S, 748SP, 748SPS, 748 Strada, 749 Dark, 749 Monster, 749R, 749S, 848, 848Evo, 848 Evo Corse SE, 848 Evo Dark, 851 Kit Superbike, 851SP1, 851SP2, 851SP3, 851SP4, 851 Strada, 888, 888 DesmoQuattro, 888 Strada, 900 Sport ie, 916, 916 BiPosto, 916 Senna I, 916 Senna II, 916 Senna III, 916 Sport Production, 916 Strada, 996, 996 Biposto, 996R, 996S, 996 S Tricolore, 996 Sport Production, 996SPS, 996 SPS III, 998 BiPosto, 998R, 998S, 999 Superbike, Darmah 900SD, Desmosedicci RR 989 Sport Classic, Diavel 1198, Diavel 1198AMG, Diavel 1198 Brembo Evo M50 4-Pist Caliper, Diavel 1198 Carbon, Diavel 1198 Corse, Diavel 1198 Cromo, Diavel 1198 Cromo AMG, Diavel 1198 Dark, Diavel 1198 Diesel, Diavel 1198S, Diavel 1198SP, Diavel 1198 Strada, Diavel 1198 Strada S, Diavel 1198 Titanium, GT 1000, GT 1000 Sportclassic, GT 1000 Sportclassic Touring, GT 1000 Touring, Hypermotard 1100, Hypermotard 1100EVO, Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP Corse, Hypermotard 1100S, Hypermotard 1100 S Evo Corse, Hypermotard 1100SP, Hypermotard 1100 SP Evo, Hypermotard 1100 SP Evo Corse, Hypermotard 796 Brembo 4-Pist radial caliper, Hypermotard 821, Hypermotard 821SP, Hypermotard 950 939 Brembo M432, Hypermotard 950 939 Brembo M432 calipers, Hyperstrada 821, Hyperstrada 821 Dark, MH 900E, Mille 1000 Hailwood Replica, Mille 1000S2, Monster 1000, Monster 1000 Brembo 4-Pist radial caliper, Monster 1000ie, Monster 1000 S ie, Monster 1000S2R, Monster 1000S4R, Monster 1000 S4RS, Monster 1100 Brembo 4-Pist radial caliper, Monster 1100 Diesel, Monster 1100Evo, Monster 1100 Evo Anniversary, Monster 1100S, Monster 1200 Brembo M432 calipers, Monster 1200R, Monster 1200S, Monster 1200 S Stripe, Monster 600, Monster 600 City, Monster 600 City Dark, Monster 600 Dark, Monster 600SL, Monster 620ie, Monster 620 ie DD, Monster 620 ie MD, Monster 620 S ie, Monster 750, Monster 750 City, Monster 750 City Dark, Monster 750 Dark, Monster 750ie, Monster 796 Brembo 4-Pist radial caliper, Monster 797 Brembo 4-Pist radial caliper, Monster 800ABS, Monster 800ie, Monster 800S2R, Monster 821, Monster 821 Dark, Monster 821 Stealth Stripe Dark, Monster 821 Stripe, Monster 900, Monster 900 City, Monster 900 City Dark, Monster 900 Cromo, Monster 900ie, Monster 900 S ie, Monster 900 Special, Monster 916, Monster 916S4, Monster 916S4R, Monster 996S4R, Monster 996 S4R SP, Multistrada 1000DS, Multistrada 1000S, Multistrada 1000 Sport Classic, Multistrada 1100 Brembo 4-Pist radial caliper, Multistrada 1100S, Multistrada 1100 Speciale, Multistrada 1200 D Air, Multistrada 1200 D Air 525 chain conv., Multistrada 1200GT, Multistrada 1200 GT 525 chain conv., Multistrada 1200 Pikes Peak, Multistrada 1200 Pikes Peak 525 chain conv., Multistrada 1200S, Multistrada 1200 S 525 chain conv., Multistrada 1200 Tour, Multistrada 1200 Tour 525 chain conv., Multistrada 620, Multistrada 620 Dark, Multistrada 620ie, Multistrada 620 ie DD, Multistrada 620 ie MD, Panigale 1000V4R, Panigale 1103S, Panigale 1103V4, Panigale 1103 V4 Speciale, Panigale 1103 V4S Corse, Panigale 1199, Panigale 1199R, Panigale 1199 R ABS, Panigale 1199 R AMG, Panigale 1199 R Tricolore ABS, Panigale 1199S, Panigale 1199 S ABS, Panigale 1199 Superleggera Tricolore ABS, Panigale 1299, Panigale 1299 Final Edition, Panigale 1299R, Panigale 1299S, Panigale 1299 Superleggera, Panigale 899ie, Pantah 350SS, Pantah 600SL, Senna 916, Senna 916S, SII 900, SL 900SS, Sport 1000S, Sport 1000 Sport Classic, Sport 620S, SS 750 Superlight, SS 900, SS 900MHR, SS 900 MHR II, ST3 992ABS, ST3 992 Brembo 4-Pist radial calipers, ST3 992S, ST3 992SS, ST4S 996 Brembo 4-Pist radial caliper, ST4S 996R, ST4S 996S, Streetfighter 1099 Brembo Evo M50 4-Pist, Streetfighter 1099R, Streetfighter 1099S, Streetfighter 848, Streetfighter 848SP, Streetfighter 848 Strada, Superbike 848, Superbike 888, SuperLight 900SL, Supersport 1000SS, Supersport 350SS, Supersport 600ie, Supersport 600SS, Supersport 750 Carenata, Supersport 750 Nuda, Supersport 750SS, Supersport 750 SS ie, Supersport 800 Classic, Supersport 800 Full Throttle, Supersport 800 Nuda, Supersport 800 SS ie, Supersport 900, Supersport 900 Carenata, Supersport 900ie, Supersport 900 Nuda, Supersport 950 Brembo M432 calipers, Supersport 950S, Supersport 950SP, X Diavel 1260, X Diavel 1260S
  • Husaberg: FS 4004T, FS 4504T, FS 5504T, FS 5704T, FS 6504T, FS 650SM
  • Husqvarna: Nuda 900ABS, Nuda 900R, Nuda 900 R ABS, SM 125, SM 125S, SM 450R, SM 510, SM 510R, SM 530R, SM 570R, SM 610 6 bolt front disc, SM 610Ie, SM 610R, SM 610S, SMR 449, SMR 511, SMR 570 Supermoto, SMR 630, Supermoto 701, Svartpilen 701, Vitpilen 701
  • Hyosung: GT 650 Comet, GT 650 Naked, GT 650 Naked II, GT 650 Sport, GT 650 Sport II
  • KTM: Duke 400, Duke 400 LC-4, Duke 620, Duke 620 LC-4, Duke 640, Duke 690, Duke 690R, Duke 790, Duke II 640, LC4 640 Supermoto, Rallye 660 Supermoto, RC8R 1190, RC8R 1190 Red Bull Ltd Edition, SC 625 LC-4, SM 690 Supermoto, SM 990 Supermoto, SMC 660 Supermoto, SMC 690, Super Duke 1290 R SE, Super Duke 990R, Supermoto 620 LC-4, Supermoto 950R
  • Laverda: 668, 668 Diamante, Black Strike 650, Formula 650, Ghost 650, Ghost 650 Legend, Ghost 650 Strike, Ghost 668, Ghost 668 Strike, Ghost 750 Strike, SFC 1000, SFC 1000 Classic, SFC3 1000, Sport 650
  • Moto Guzzi: Breva 1100, Breva 1100ABS, Breva 1200, Breva 850, Daytona 1000, Griso 1100, Griso 1200, Griso 1200 Special Edition, Griso 850, Norge 1200GT, Norge 1200 T-GTL, Norge 850 T-GTL, Sport 1100, Sport 1100 Corsa, Sport 1200, Sport 1200ABS, V10 1000 Centauro, V11 1100 Coppa Italia, V11 1100 Le Mans, V11 1100 Nero Corsa, V11 1100 Rosso Corsa, V11 1100 Scura R, V11 1100 Sport, V11 1100 Sport Ballabio, V11 1100 Sport Cafe, V11 1100 Sport Naked, V11 1100 Sport Scura
  • Moto Morini: 9.5 1200 9 and a half, Corsaro 1200, Corsaro 1200 ZZ-ABS, Sport 1200
  • MV Agusta: Brutale 1000 Serie ORO, Brutale 1078, Brutale 1090, Brutale 1090R, Brutale 1090RR, Brutale 675, Brutale 750S, Brutale 800, Brutale 800RC, Brutale 910R, Brutale 910S, Brutale 920, Brutale 989R, Dragster 800 America, Dragster 800 LH44, Dragster 800RC, F3 675 Brembo 4-Pist radial caliper, F3 675Oro, F3 800, F4 1078RR, F4 750ORO, F4 750S, F4C 1000 Claudio Castilioni, F4R 1000 Brembo Evo M50 4-Pist calipers, F4R 1000 Claudio, F4R 1000 F312, F4R 1000 Tamburini, F4RR 1000 F312, F4S 1000, Rivale 800, Stradale 800, Super Veloce 800, Turismo Veloce 800 Brembo M432 calipers, Turismo Veloce 800SCS
  • MZ: 1000S, Mastiff 660
  • Norton: Commando 961 Cafe Racer, Commando 961 Cafe Racer MK2, Dominator 961, Dominator 961SS
  • Sachs: Roadster 650
  • SWM: GM 440 Gran Milano, SM 300 Motard, SM 450 Motard, SM 500R, SM 650R
  • Voxan: Black Magic 1000, Cafe Racer 1000, Charade Racing 1000, Cyclope 1000, GTV 1200, Roadster 1000, Street Scrambler 1000, VB1 1000, VB2 1000
  • Honda: CB1000 FP, CB1000 FR, CB1000 FS, CB1000 FT, CB1000 FV, CB1000 FW, CB1000 R, CB1000 R7 RA7, CB1000 R8 RA8, CB1000 R9 RA9, CB1000 RA RAA, CB1000 RB RAB, CB1000 RC RAC, CB1000 RD RAD, CB1000 RE RAE, CB1000 RF RAF, CB1000 RG RAG, CB1100 AD, CB1100 AE, CB1100 AF, CB1100 AG, CB1100 EX, CB1100 RS, CB1100 SF1, CB1100 SF2, CB1100 SF3, CB1100 SFY, CB1300 A SA, CB1300 F3, CB1300 F4, CB400 SF, CB400 SFA, CB500 FAD, CB500 FAE, CB500 FAF, CB500 FAG, CB500 FAH, CB500 FAJ, CB500 FAK, CB500 FAL, CB500 X, CB600 F1, CB600 F2, CB600 F3, CB600 F4, CB600 F5, CB600 F6, CB600 F7, CB600 F8, CB600 F9, CB600 FA, CB600 FB, CB600 FC, CB600 FD, CB600 FE, CB600 FW, CB600 FX, CB600 FY, CB650 FAE, CB650 FAF, CB650 FAG, CB650 FAH, CB650 FAJ, CB650 R, CB750 F2, CB900 F2, CB900 F3, CB900 F4, CB900 F5, CB900 F6, CB900 F7, CBF1000 A6, CBF1000 A7, CBF1000 A9, CBF1000 F6, CBF1000 F7, CBF1000 F8, CBF1000 F9, CBF1000 FAA, CBF1000 FAB, CBF1000 FAC, CBF1000 FAD, CBF1000 FAE, CBF1000 FAF, CBF1000 FAG, CBF500 A4, CBF500 A5, CBF500 A6, CBF500 A7, CBF500 A8, CBF500 A9, CBF600 N, CBF600 N NA 4, CBF600 N NA 5, CBF600 N NA 6, CBF600 N NA 7, CBF600 N NA 8, CBF600 N NA 9, CBF600 S, CBF600 SA, CBF600 SA4, CBF600 SA5, CBF600 SA6, CBF600 SA7, CBF600 SA8, CBF600 SA9, CBR1000 FH, CBR1000 FJ, CBR1000 FK, CBR1000 FL, CBR1000 FM, CBR1000 FN, CBR1000 FP, CBR1000 FR, CBR1000 FS, CBR1000 FT, CBR1000 FV, CBR1000 FW, CBR1000 FX, CBR1000 RAD, CBR1000 RAE, CBR1000 RAF, CBR1000 RAG, CBR1000 RAH, CBR1000 RR, CBR1000 RR4, CBR1000 RR5, CBR1000 RR6, CBR1000 RR7, CBR1000 RR8, CBR1000 RR9 RA9, CBR1000 RRA RAA, CBR1000 RRB RAB, CBR1000 RRC RAC, CBR1100 XX1, CBR1100 XX2, CBR1100 XX3, CBR1100 XX4, CBR1100 XX5, CBR1100 XX6, CBR1100 XX7, CBR1100 XX8, CBR1100 XXV, CBR1100 XXW, CBR1100 XXY, CBR400 RRJ, CBR400 RRK, CBR400 RRL, CBR400 RRM, CBR400 RRN, CBR400 RRP, CBR400 RRR, CBR400 RRS, CBR400 RRT, CBR500 FH, CBR500 FJ, CBR500 FK, CBR500 FL, CBR500 FM, CBR500 R, CBR600 F, CBR600 F1, CBR600 F2, CBR600 F3, CBR600 F4, CBR600 F5, CBR600 F6, CBR600 F7, CBR600 FH, CBR600 FJ, CBR600 FK, CBR600 FL, CBR600 FM, CBR600 FN, CBR600 FP, CBR600 FR, CBR600 FS, CBR600 FS1, CBR600 FS2, CBR600 FT, CBR600 FV, CBR600 FW, CBR600 FX, CBR600 FY, CBR600 RR, CBR600 RR3, CBR600 RR4, CBR600 RR5, CBR600 RR6, CBR600 RR7, CBR600 RR8, CBR600 RR9, CBR600 RRA, CBR600 RRB, CBR600 RRD, CBR600 RRF, CBR600 RRG, CBR600 RRH, CBR600 RRJ, CBR600 RRK, CBR600 RRL, CBR600 RRM, CBR650 FAE, CBR650 FAF, CBR650 FAG, CBR650 FAH, CBR650 FAJ, CBR650 R, CBR919 RRT, CBR919 RRV, CBR919 RRW 919cc, CBR919 RRX 919cc, CBR929 RR1 929cc, CBR929 RRY 929cc, CBR954 RR2 954cc, CBR954 RR3 954cc, CBR954 RR4 954cc, CTX700 D, CTX700 DCT, CTX700 N, FMX650 RD12, NC700 D, NC700 S, NC700 S D, NC700 SA, NC700 X, NC700 XD, NC750 D, NC750 J, NC750 S, NC750 SD DCT, NC750 SDK DCT, NC750 X, NC750 X XA, NC750 XD, NT650 V1, NT650 V2, NT650 V3, NT650 V4, NT650 V5, NT650 VW, NT650 VX, NT650 VY, NT700 V6, NT700 V7, NT700 V8, NT700 V9, NT700 VA, NT700 VB, NT700 VC, NT700 VD, NT700 VE, NT700 VF, NT700 VG, VF750 FC, VF750 FD, VF750 FE, VF750 FF, VF750 FG, VF750 FH, VFR1200 F, VFR700 F, VFR750 FG, VFR750 FH, VFR750 FJ, VFR750 FK, VFR750 FL, VFR750 FM, VFR750 FN, VFR750 FP, VFR750 FR, VFR750 FS, VFR750 FT, VFR750 FV, VFR750 FW, VFR750 RK, VFR750 RL, VFR750 RM, VFR750 RN, VFR750 RP, VFR750 RR, VFR800 A, VFR800 A2, VFR800 A3, VFR800 A4, VFR800 A5, VFR800 A6, VFR800 A7, VFR800 A8, VFR800 A9, VFR800 F, VFR800 FE, VFR800 FF, VFR800 FG, VFR800 FH, VFR800 Fi-1, VFR800 Fi-W, VFR800 Fi-X, VFR800 Fi-Y, VFR800 X, VFR800 XC, VTR1000 F1, VTR1000 F2, VTR1000 F3, VTR1000 F4, VTR1000 F5, VTR1000 F6, VTR1000 FV, VTR1000 FW, VTR1000 FX, VTR1000 FY, VTR1000 SP1, VTR1000 SP2, VTR1000 SPY
  • Suzuki: DRZ 400SM, GSF 1200 Bandit, GSF 1250 A Bandit, GSF 1250 F S Bandit, GSF 600 Bandit, GSF 650 Bandit, GSR 600K6, GSR 600K7, GSR 600K8, GSR 600K9, GSR 600L0, GSR 750L1, GSR 750L2, GSR 750L3, GSR 750L4, GSR 750L5, GSR 750L6, GSR 750L7, GSR 750L8, GSX 1200 Inazuma K1, GSX 1200 Inazuma K2, GSX 1200 Inazuma W, GSX 1200 Inazuma X, GSX 1200 Inazuma Y, GSX 1250 F FA, GSX 1300 B-King, GSX 1300 R Hayabusa WVA1, GSX 1300 R Hayabusa WVCK, GSX 1400K1, GSX 1400K2, GSX 1400K3, GSX 1400K4, GSX 1400K5, GSX 1400K6, GSX 1400K7, GSX 1400K8, GSX 600FK1, GSX 600FK2, GSX 600FK3, GSX 600FK4, GSX 600FK5, GSX 600FK6, GSX 600FW, GSX 600FX, GSX 600FY, GSX 650 F FA, GSX 750FK, GSX 750FK1, GSX 750FK2, GSX 750FK3, GSX 750FK4, GSX 750FK5, GSX 750FK6, GSX 750FL, GSX 750FM, GSX 750FN, GSX 750FP, GSX 750FR, GSX 750FS, GSX 750FT, GSX 750FV, GSX 750FW, GSX 750FX, GSX 750FY, GSX 750 LT LX ET EX EZ SZ, GSX 750 W Retro, GSXR 1000K1, GSXR 1000K2, GSXR 1000K3, GSXR 1000K4, GSXR 1000K5, GSXR 1000K6, GSXR 1000K7, GSXR 1000K8, GSXR 1000K9, GSXR 1000L0, GSXR 1000L1, GSXR 1000L2, GSXR 1000L3, GSXR 1000L4, GSXR 1000L5, GSXR 1000L6, GSXR 1000L7, GSXR 1000L8, GSXR 1000L9, GSXR 1000M0, GSXR 1100G, GSXR 1100H, GSXR 1100J, GSXR 1100K, GSXR 1100L, GSXR 1100M, GSXR 1100N, GSXR 1100WP, GSXR 1100WR, GSXR 1100WS, GSXR 1100WT, GSXR 1100WV, GSXR 1100WW, GSXR 1100WX, GSXR 1100WY, GSXR 400H, GSXR 400J, GSXR 400R2, GSXR 400R3, GSXR 400 RL RFL, GSXR 400RM, GSXR 400RN, GSXR 400RP, GSXR 400RR, GSXR 400RS, GSXR 600K1, GSXR 600K2, GSXR 600K3, GSXR 600K4, GSXR 600K5, GSXR 600K6, GSXR 600K7, GSXR 600K8, GSXR 600K9, GSXR 600L0, GSXR 600L1, GSXR 600L2, GSXR 600L3, GSXR 600L4, GSXR 600L5, GSXR 600L6, GSXR 600L7, GSXR 600L8, GSXR 600L9, GSXR 600V, GSXR 600W, GSXR 600WN, GSXR 600WP, GSXR 600X, GSXR 600Y, GSXR 750AK, GSXR 750F, GSXR 750G, GSXR 750H, GSXR 750J, GSXR 750K, GSXR 750K1, GSXR 750K2, GSXR 750K3, GSXR 750K4, GSXR 750K5, GSXR 750K6, GSXR 750K7, GSXR 750K8, GSXR 750K9, GSXR 750L, GSXR 750L0, GSXR 750L1, GSXR 750L2, GSXR 750L3, GSXR 750L4, GSXR 750L5, GSXR 750L6, GSXR 750L7, GSXR 750L8, GSXR 750L9, GSXR 750M, GSXR 750M0, GSXR 750R, GSXR 750WN, GSXR 750WP, GSXR 750WR, GSXR 750WS, GSXR 750WT, GSXR 750WV, GSXR 750WW, GSXR 750WX, GSXR 750Y, GSXS 1000L5, GSXS 1000L6, GSXS 1000L7, GSXS 1000L8, GSXS 1000L9, GSXS 1000M0, GSXS 750L5, GSXS 750L6, GSXS 750L7, GSXS 750L8, GSXS 750L9, GSXS 750M0, RF 600R, RF 600RP, RF 600RR, RF 600RS, RF 600RT, RF 600RV, RF 900RR, RF 900RS, RF 900RS2, RF 900RT, RF 900RV, RF 900RW, RF 900RX, SFV 650 AZ Gladius, SFV 650 Gladius, SV 1000R, SV 1000S, SV 650S, SV 650SA, SV 650 Scrambler, SV 650X, TL 1000R, TL 1000S
  • Zontes: ZT 350, ZT 35019, ZT 350G1, ZT 350GK
  • Kawasaki: ER6F 650 A B 6F, ER6F 650 A B 7F, ER6F 650 A B 8F, ER6F 650D9F, ER6F 650DAF, ER6F 650DBF, ER6F 650ECF, ER6F 650EDF, ER6F 650EEF, ER6F 650EFF, ER6F 650FGF, ER6N 650 A B 6F, ER6N 650 A B 7F, ER6N 650 A B 8F, ER6N 650 A B 9F, ER6N 650CAF, ER6N 650CBF, ER6N 650ECF, ER6N 650EDS, ER6N 650EEF, ER6N 650FFF, ER6N 650FGF, ER6N 650FHF, ER6N 650FHG, GPZ 1100E F, GTR 1400A7F, GTR 1400A8F, GTR 1400A9F, GTR 1400CAF, GTR 1400CBF, GTR 1400CCF, GTR 1400CDF, GTR 1400CEF, GTR 1400EFF, GTR 1400EGF, GTR 1400EHF, H2 1000AJF, H2 1000NFF, H2 1000NGF, H2 1000SX, H2 1000XHF, H2 1000XJF, H2R 1000PFF, H2R 1000PGF, H2R 1000PHF, H2R 1000PJF, H2R 1000PKF, KLE 650 Versys A B 7F, KLE 650 Versys A B 8F, KLE 650 Versys A B 9F, KLE 650 Versys C DAF, KLE 650 Versys DBF, KLE 650 Versys DCF, KLE 650 Versys DDF, KLE 650 Versys DEF, KLE 650 Versys F, KLZ 1000 Versys, KLZ 1000 Versys Grand Tourer, KLZ 1000 Versys Tourer, Ninja 650, Ninja 650JJF, Ninja 650KHF, Ninja 650KJF, Z 1000A1, Z 1000A2, Z 1000A3, Z 1000A6F, Z 1000B7F, Z 1000B8F, Z 1000B9F, Z 1000C7F, Z 1000C8F, Z 1000C9F, Z 1000DAF, Z 1000DBF, Z 1000DCF, Z 1000DDF, Z 1000ECF, Z 1000FEF, Z 1000FFF, Z 1000FGF, Z 1000GEF, Z 1000 GEFA, Z 1000GFF, Z 1000GGF, Z 1000HHF, Z 1000HJF, Z 1000R, Z 1000SX, Z 1000 SX abs, Z 650 ER650 R, Z 750J1, Z 750J2, Z 750J6F, Z 750L7F, Z 750L8F, Z 750L9F, Z 750LAF, Z 750 PBF MBF, Z 750 PCF NCF, Z 800A, Z 800B, Z 800E, Z 900RS, ZR 750 Zephyr, ZR7 750F1, ZR7 750F2, ZR7 750F3, ZR7 750F4, ZR7 750F5, ZR7S 750H1, ZR7S 750H2, ZR7S 750H3, ZR7S 750J1, ZR7S 750J2, ZR7S 750J3, ZRX 1100C1, ZRX 1100C2, ZRX 1100C3, ZRX 1100C4, ZRX 1100C5, ZRX 1200A1, ZRX 1200A2, ZRX 1200A3, ZRX 1200A4, ZRX 1200A5, ZRX 1200A6, ZRX 1200B1, ZRX 1200B2, ZRX 1200B3, ZRX 1200B4, ZRX 1200B5, ZRX 1200B6, ZRX 1200C1, ZRX 1200C2, ZRX 1200C3, ZRX 1200C4, ZRX 1200C5, ZRX 1200C6, ZRX 1200C7, ZX10 1000A1, ZX10 1000A2, ZX10 1000B1, ZX10 1000B2, ZX10 1000B3, ZX10R 1000C1, ZX10R 1000C2, ZX10R 1000D6F, ZX10R 1000D7F, ZX10R 1000E8F, ZX10R 1000E9F, ZX10R 1000FAF, ZX10R 1000 FR Caliper, ZX10R 1000JBF, ZX10R 1000JCF, ZX10R 1000JDF, ZX10R 1000JEF, ZX10R 1000JFF, ZX10R 1000 RGF RGFA, ZX10R 1000RJF, ZX10R 1000RKF, ZX10R 1000RLF, ZX10R 1000 SJF SJFA, ZX10RR 1000ZHF, ZX10RR 1000ZJF, ZX12R 1200A1, ZX12R 1200A2, ZX12R 1200B1, ZX12R 1200B2, ZX12R 1200B3, ZX12R 1200B4, ZX12R 1200B6F, ZX6R 600F1, ZX6R 600F2, ZX6R 600F3, ZX6R 600G1, ZX6R 600G2, ZX6R 600J1, ZX6R 600J2, ZX6R 600J3, ZX6R 600P7F, ZX6R 600P8F, ZX6R 600R9F, ZX6R 600RAF, ZX6R 600RBF, ZX6R 600RCF, ZX6R 600RDF, ZX6R 600REF, ZX6R 600RFF, ZX6R 600RGF, ZX6R 600RHF, ZX6R 600RJF, ZX6R 600RKF, ZX6R 636A1P, ZX6R 636B1, ZX6R 636B2, ZX6R 636C, ZX6R 636EDF, ZX6R 636EEF, ZX6R 636EFF, ZX6R 636EGF, ZX6R 636EHF, ZX6R 636EJF, ZX6R 636G, ZX6RR 600K1, ZX6RR 600K2, ZX6RR 600N, ZX7R 750P1, ZX7R 750P2, ZX7R 750P3, ZX7R 750P4, ZX7R 750P5, ZX7R 750P6, ZX7R 750P7, ZX7R 750P8, ZX7RR 750N1, ZX7RR 750N2, ZX7RR 750N3, ZX7RR 750N4, ZX7RR 750N5, ZX7RR 750N6, ZX7RR 750N7, ZX7RR 750N8, ZX9R 900B1, ZX9R 900B2, ZX9R 900B3, ZX9R 900B4, ZX9R 900C1, ZX9R 900C2, ZX9R 900E1, ZX9R 900E2, ZX9R 900F1, ZX9R 900F2, ZX9R 900F3, ZXR 400R, ZXR 400 R-RR, ZXR 750H1, ZXR 750H2, ZXR 750J1, ZXR 750J2, ZXR 750K1, ZXR 750K2, ZXR 750L1, ZXR 750L2, ZXR 750L3, ZXR 750M1, ZXR 750M2, ZZR 1100C1, ZZR 1100C2, ZZR 1100C3, ZZR 1100D1, ZZR 1100D2, ZZR 1100D3, ZZR 1100D4, ZZR 1100D5, ZZR 1100D6, ZZR 1100D7, ZZR 1100D8, ZZR 1100D9, ZZR 1200C1, ZZR 1200C2, ZZR 1200C3, ZZR 1200C4, ZZR 1400B6F, ZZR 1400B7F, ZZR 1400D8F, ZZR 1400D9F, ZZR 1400DAF, ZZR 1400DBF, ZZR 1400FCF, ZZR 1400FDF, ZZR 1400FEF, ZZR 1400FFF, ZZR 1400 FFFA, ZZR 1400HGF, ZZR 1400HHF, ZZR 1400HJF, ZZR 1400JGF, ZZR 1400JHF, ZZR 1400JJF, ZZR 400K1, ZZR 400K2, ZZR 400K3, ZZR 400N1, ZZR 400N10, ZZR 400N11, ZZR 400N12, ZZR 400N13, ZZR 400N14, ZZR 400N2, ZZR 400N3, ZZR 400N4, ZZR 400N5, ZZR 400N6, ZZR 400N7, ZZR 400N8, ZZR 400N9, ZZR 600D1, ZZR 600D2, ZZR 600D3, ZZR 600D4, ZZR 600E1, ZZR 600E10, ZZR 600E11, ZZR 600E12, ZZR 600E13, ZZR 600E14, ZZR 600E15, ZZR 600E2, ZZR 600E3, ZZR 600E4, ZZR 600E5, ZZR 600E6, ZZR 600E7, ZZR 600E8, ZZR 600E9
  • Triumph: Daytona 1000, Daytona 1200, Daytona 600, Daytona 650, Daytona 675, Daytona 675R, Daytona 750, Daytona 900, Daytona 900 Super III, Daytona 955 955i, Daytona 955 T595, Daytona 955 T955i, Legend 900TT, Speed 4 955, Speed Four 600 T801, Speed Triple 1050, Speed Triple 1050R, Speed Triple 1050RS, Speed Triple 1050S, Speed Triple 750, Speed Triple 900 T301, Speed Triple 900 T509, Speed Triple 955 955i, Speedmaster 1200, Sprint 1050GT, Sprint 1050SE, Sprint 1050ST, Sprint 900, Sprint 900 Executive, Sprint 900 Sports, Sprint 955RS, Sprint 955ST, Street Triple 675, Street Triple 675R, Thruxton 1200, Tiger 1050, Tiger 1050 Explorer, Tiger 1050SE, Tiger 1050 Sport, Trident 750, Trident 900, Trophy 1200, Trophy 12004, Trophy 1200SE, Trophy 900 Kayaba Forks, Trophy 900 Showa Forks, TT 600 T805
  • Yamaha: BT 1100P, BT 1100R, BT 1100S, BT 1100T, BT 1100V, FJR 1300AE, FJR 1300AS, FJR 1300N, FJR 1300P, FJR 1300 R AR, FJR 1300 S AS, FZ1 1000 N NA, FZ1 1000S, FZ6R 600, FZ6S 600 Fazer, FZ8 800 N 39P, FZ8 800 S 42P, FZR 1000 EXUP, FZR 1000 Genesis, FZR 600R, FZR 750R, FZR 750RR, FZR 750RT, FZS 1000 Fazer, FZX 750 2JA 4AM, FZX 7504AM, MT01 16705YU, MT03 6605YK, MT07 700, MT07 700 MotoCage, MT07 700 MTN690A, MT09 900ABS, MT09 900 MTN 850, MT09 900 No ABS, MT09 900SP, MT09 900 Sport Tracker, MT09 900 Street Rally, MT09 900 Tracer GT, MT09A 900 Tracer ABS, MT10 1000SP, MTT 700 Tracer, TRX 850, XJ 900 Diversion, XJ 900 Diversion Seca, XJ 900F, XJ6 600F, XJR 1300, XJR 1300A, XJR 1300B, XJR 1300C, XJR 1300 Café Racer, XJR 1300D, XJR 1300 L SP, XJR 1300M, XJR 1300 M SP, XJR 1300N, XJR 1300 N SP, XJR 1300P, XJR 1300R, XJR 1300S, XJR 1300T, XJR 1300V, XJR 1300W, XJR 1300X, XJR 1300Y, XJR 1300Z, XSR 700 MTM 690, XSR 900ABS, XSR 900 Non ABS, XT 660 X 1D2 10S, YZ 100 Test Entry (2023-11-30), YZF 1000R, YZF 1000R1, YZF 1000R1M, YZF 1000SP, YZF 600R, YZF 600R6, YZF 600R6S, YZF 750R, YZF 750 R7 5FL, YZF 750SP

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Motorcycle Tyre Safety Information

Read more about Motorcycle Tyre Safety: www.bickers-online.co.uk/motorcycle-tyre-safety-information-i150


Click & Collect Only

Select a collection point from our network of available dealers. You will be notified by the chosen dealer once your order is ready to collect, estimated time is 2-3 days (depending on national holidays and dealer opening hours).
Any returns will be handled by the collection point.

  • Free for orders over £100
  • £11.95 fee for orders below £100



Standard Delivery

Orders will be despatched as follows: To business addresses only; £9.95 (Exc VAT) delivery charge (subject to change depending on account level); Free delivery with net order values of £100 and over (Exc VAT) to the UK Mainland; Orders to N. Ireland/Eire/Isle of Man/Scilly Isles by arrangement; other destinations phone for details; Typical delivery times of 1-2 working days.

Where possible, the Company will endeavour to meet special delivery requirements subject to any additional cost being borne by the Purchaser

Unfortunately, we do not delivery to addresses outside of mainland UK without prior agreement. Without prior agreement you may place an order for Products from outside the UK, but this order must be for delivery to an address in mainland UK unless arranged otherwise prior to your order.

All third party deliveries will carry a charge, the minimum charge will be £9.95 (Exc. VAT).

Pallet Charges

Larger items may incur additional carriage charges, including but not limited to 4x4 and SUV tyres.
An overview of charges per pallet for each region is available to view here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=11ydN7ZJNHKHf9Ygd0ih_L6-U1dMq31A

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