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What is the Best Motorcycle Spark Plug?

Spark plugs are one of the key areas which can affect the performance of your bike, with cheap ones making the combustion process messy and inefficient, and the best spark plugs making combustion a clean process which produces maximum power with minimal fuel. 

NGK Spark Plugs are the world’s number one original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fitted spark plug; from passenger cars and bikes to Formula 1 and motorcycle racing, NGK Spark Plugs has established itself as a heavily relied upon OEM, and an extremely popular replacement brand, too. With its clear commitment to delivering the best spark, and continuously raising the bar, NGK Spark Plugs is the obvious brand of choice for a wide range of vehicle manufacturers, drivers and riders. 

NGK Iridium

If you’re looking for the best, then the NGK Iridium IX is the spark plug for you. NGK iridium spark plugs currently represent the highest-quality technological solution. They feature an iridium-alloy on the middle electrode welded on in a special process using laser. One of the world’s hardest metals, the precious metal iridium starts melting at a temperature of 2450°c and is therefore very resistant to spark erosion. By using it, the service life is doubled on average in comparison to standard nickel spark plugs.

The improved throttle response, superior anti-fouling and high-ignitability makes Iridium IX spark plugs ideal for the performance enthusiast. Iridium’s extremely high melting point is perfectly suited to today’s high-temperature engines, delivering outstanding acceleration, fuel efficiency and durability, meaning you get high performance for longer than with a standard spark plug. 

View the NGK Spark Plug range or use our Vehicle Selector to find the right spark plug for your motorcycle. You can order your new spark plugs online and collect them from your local dealer.