Nitro Batt. NITRO BATTERY YTX7L-BS AGM open with acid pack (CASE 6) (GTX7L-BS) 4230395

NITRO Battery

Also available in set case quantities of 6.
4230395 42303954210456 4220456 battery NITRO YTX7L BS AGM open with acid pack ytx7lbs ctx7lbs gtx7lbs budget economy agm batteries Nitro battery NTX7LBS with acid pack 6 Nitro Battery YTX7LBS with acid pack 6 SKU4230395 NITRO BATTERY YTX7L BS AGM open with acid pack GTX7L BS NITRO BATTERY YTX7L BS AGM open with acid pack GTX7L BS Nitro Batt.

NITRO Battery

Also available in set case quantities of 6. Heavy Duty 12 volts 6 Ah 114 mm 71 mm 131 mm Nitro Batteries 5414837002673 YTX7L BS N
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Any batteries with acid packs will be filled prior to collection to comply with the government regulations

Please note: This battery should not be fitted on it's side. It is only suitable for vertical fitment

Maintenance Free Batteries

Most problems with batteries today are due to improper initial activation. Many people, even professionals, think it is enough just to put acid in the battery and start the engine...

WRONG: newly activated batteries should ALWAYS be CHARGED before you install them into the motorcycle. Otherwise they lose at least 20% of their capacity. This will definitely result in much shorter service life or other battery problems.

Remove the foil sheet covering the filler ports. ONLY use the electrolyte container supplied together with the battery.

Remove the electrolyte container cap strip. You will use this later to seal the battery. Place the container, sealed top of the cells down, into the filler ports of the battery.

Hold the container and push down to break the seals.You will see air bubbles rising.

Keep the container in this position until it is completely empty.

Remove the container.

Let the battery stand for at least 30 minutes.

Place the cap strip loosely over the battery filling holes.

Charge the battery completely: Charge for three to five hours at the current equivalent of 1/10 of its rated capacity.

Example: YTX9-BS

Rated capacity: 8 AH.

Charge 3-5 hours with 0,8 Amps.

After charging press down firmly with both hands to seat the cap strip.
Barcode: 5414837002673
  • Width:
    71 mm
  • Height:
    131 mm
  • Acid Type:
    Acid Pack
  • Battery No.:
  • Capacity:
    6 Ah
  • Length:
    114 mm
  • Voltage:
    12 volts

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