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Join the Maxxis MX-ST Tyre Tally Scheme

Maxxis Tyres have launched a new programme to help support riders on the MX-ST by means of a loyalty card. Once the customer has purchased 5 MX-ST tyres, they will receive their 6th free of charge. Dealers can participate in and benefit from this campaign by simply contacting their local Area Sales Manager, who will then arrange an appointment to explain the campaign and deliver point of sale to use in store.

How it works

Dealers wishing to join the programme should contact their local ASM to arrange delivery of in store point of sale, including a counter mat, tyre wraps and the Tyre Tally cards. There is also an option to receive 6th tyre free graphics for use on social media platforms to promote the programme.

Once a consumer purchases the MX-ST tyre in store and wishes to join the programme, the dealer will log their details on a form online. The dealer will then hand a Tally Card to the customer with the amount of stamps/signatures according to the amount of tyres purchased. Upon receipt of the online form, Maxxis will issue a communication via the dealers’ Account Manager to arrange delivery of the 6 tyres, one rear is free of charge. The consumer will then receive their welcome email and benefits information. The consumer can then continue to purchase MX-ST tyres with the dealer with their 6th tyre (fourth rear) being awarded by the dealer free of charge.

Meanwhile, a customer wishing to sign up online can do so by filling in the consumer form. This form will include information of their preferred dealer, who may or may not be a Maxxis stockist. If the dealer already stocks Maxxis, we will pass on the customer’s information and the process will continue as above. Should the dealer not be a Maxxis stockist, we will inform them that a customer wishes to use them in the Tyre Tally Scheme and the process can begin as normal, or, should the nominated dealer not wish to participate in the campaign, Maxxis will advise the consumer to fulfil the loyalty programme via an alternative, participating stockist.

This new loyalty programme can help build a strong rapport between the dealer and the customer, in addition to building confidence with the Maxxis brand and rewarding riders for their loyalty.



Designed and tested with 7x Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath, the new tread pattern, compound, and tyre composition provide the stability, predictability and traction that both the top tiers of motocross, and the hobby riders, demand. In its maiden year, the MX-ST proved itself as a championship-winning tyre at both World and European level, along with a bronze place podium finish in the European 250cc Championship. The MX-ST exceeded expectations time and time again throughout its maiden year in MXGP.

  • All-new race-specific construction to benefit professional and grassroot riders alike
  • Uniquely-spaced tread pattern for incredible traction under acceleration and braking
  • Extra-strong construction for impact absorption and cornering precision
  • Pliable carcass design for rider comfort and feel
  • Soft composition excels on soft terrain

Sizes now available:

SizeItem No.Item Description
110/100-182760362 MX-ST 110/100-18 M7332R 64M   SOFT / INTERMEDIATE
120/100-182760365 MX-ST 120/100-18 M7332R 68M   SOFT / INTERMEDIATE
60/100-14 2760368 MX-ST 60/100-14 M7332F 30M   SOFT / INTERMEDIATE
 70/100-17 2760369 MX-ST 70/100-17 M7332F 40M   SOFT / INTERMEDIATE
 70/100-19 2760370 MX-ST 70/100-19 M7332F42M   SOFT / INTERMEDIATE
 80/100-21 2760371 MX-ST 80/100-21 M7332F 51M   SOFT / INTERMEDIATE
 275-212760372 MX-ST 275-21 M7332R 38J   SOFT / INTERMEDIATE
 80/100-12 2760374 MX-ST 80/100-12 M7332R 41M   SOFT / INTERMEDIATE
 90/100-14 2760375 MX-ST 90/100-14 M7332R 49M   SOFT / INTERMEDIATE
 90/100-16 2760376 MX-ST 90/100-16 M7332R 52M   SOFT / INTERMEDIATE
 100/90-19 2760377 MX-ST 100/90-19 M7332R 57M   SOFT / INTERMEDIATE
 110/90-19 2760378 MX-ST 110/90-19 M7332R 62M   SOFT / INTERMEDIATE

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6th Tyre Free - Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions: The Promoter of this competition is Maxxis International UK plc of Carr Road, Felixstowe, IP11 3RX and company number 01205689. Start date: 1st December 2019. End date: 1st June 2020. As a Maxxis dealer, if you agree to promote the Tyre Tally campaign in-store, you agree to help Maxxis International to fulfil this campaign to your customers. If you are not a Maxxis dealer but have been nominated by a consumer as their preferred dealer, there is no obligation for you to participate in the campaign, though this will result in Maxxis mail-ordering or recommending another dealer to fulfil the campaign for the interested consumer. At point of consumer registration, you must register the customer via the relevant form on the Maxxis website. Once this has been done, 6 tyres will be dispatched to your store for the price of 5. Alternatively, you may order these tyres on a piecemeal basis. It is your responsibility to mark the consumers’ Tyre Tally card in accordance with purchases made. It is your responsibility to use the tyre which you received free of charge from Maxxis to award to the consumer as their own free tyre. Offer applicable to purchases of the Maxxis MaxxCross MX-ST only. An MX-ST tyre must be purchased to trigger the Tyre Tally scheme, front or rear. All MX-ST purchases must be accurately logged on the Tyre Tally card. Tyres need not be purchased at once but must be purchased between the campaign dates and from the same dealer. Tyres purchased prior to the offer start date will not count towards the subsequent purchases to a free tyre. The free tyre cannot be exchanged and no cash alternative will be made available. The Promoter reserves the right to substitute the prize for one of equal or greater value should the need arise. The free tyre shall not be sold, assigned, transferred, lent or the benefit granted to any person other than the customer without the Promoter’s explicit, written consent. The Promoter will not be liable if the free tyre cannot be used by the winner for any reason. The Promoter’s decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into. The Promoter reserves the right to verify all entries and to refuse to award the free tyre or to withdraw the free tyre where there are reasonable grounds to believe there has been a breach of these terms and conditions or any instructions forming part of this competition or otherwise where a participant has gained an unfair advantage in participating in the competition or won using fraudulent means. By entering this campaign, all entrants are deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms and conditions. All entry instructions form part of these terms and conditions. Other than for death or personal injury arising from the negligence of the Promoter, so far is permitted by the law, the Promoter hereby excludes all liability for any loss, damage, cost and expense, whether direct or indirect, howsoever caused in connection with the competition or any aspect of the prize. This competition shall be governed by English law and the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any disputes arising wherefrom. Customers are advised to save or print these terms and conditions for their reference.