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YUASA Battery 6N63B-1-6V - Dry Cell, Includes Acid Pack 4220110

Battery Yuasa 6N63B-1-6V - Dry Cell/ Includes Acid Pack (6). Also available in set case quantities of 6.
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Any batteries with acid packs will be filled prior to collection to comply with the government regulations. This may incur an additional charge for click and collect, please check with your chosen collection point/dealer prior to ordering.

The Conventional 6 Volt battery is the industry standard for motorcycles, snowmobiles and ride-on mowers.

  • Specifically designed to protect against seepage and corrosion
  • Made to withstand vibration
  • Through-partition construction delivers maximum power while the unique sealed posts resist corrosion for a longer battery life

Please note: This battery should never be fitted on it's side. It is only suitable for vertical fitment

Most problems with batteries today are due to improper initial activation.
Newly activated batteries should always be charged before you install them into any motorcycle, otherwise they will lose at least 20% of their capacity. This will definitely result in a much shorter service life or other battery problems

  • Fill the battery to the indicated level
  • Charge the battery for three to five hours at the current equivalent of 1/10 of its rated capacity to get a full charge.
  • Failure caused by incorrect activation or charging is not covered by the warranty

Further research by GS-Yuasa shows that 95% of alleged problems occurring with batteries that have been in service for more than a couple of months and have been left standing without charge are caused by SULFATION. This is a condition where a crystal like material forms on the lead plates. When this chemical reaction happens, it is impossible to restore a full charge and the battery has to be replaced. This is not caused by a faulty battery, it is a fault with maintenance. Please ensure batteries are kept charged on a suitable charger when not in use


Fitment Summary:
For full fitment details in a searchable list please check the FITMENTS tab.

  • Kawasaki: KH 100G, KH 125A5, KH 125K1, KH 125K2, KH 125K3, KH 125K4, KH 125K5
  • Yamaha: DT 125A, DT 125C, DT 125MX, DT 125V, DT 175A, DT 175B, DT 175C, DT 175D, DT 175E, DT 175F, DT 175G, DT 175H, DT 175J, DT 175K, DT 175L, DT 175M, DT 175MX, DT 175N, DT 175T, DT 175W, DT 175X, DT 175Y, DT 175Z, DT 250D, DT 250MX, DT 400MX, TT 500D, TT 500E, TT 500F, TT 500G, TT 500H, TT 500J, XT 2503Y3, XT 250J, XT 250T, XT 500B, XT 500C, XT 500D, XT 500E, XT 500F, XT 500G, XT 500H, XT 500J, XT 500K, XT 500L, XT 500M

Product FAQs
Yuasa Battery Finder

As well as using our vehicle selector to find compatible batteries, you can also use the extensive Yuasa Battery Lookup tool at

Yuasa Battery Basics

View the Yuasa video guides on everything you need to know about your next Motorcycle battery:

  1. Battery Construction:
  2. How Batteries work:
  3. Selecting the correct battery:
  4. Battery charging:
  5. Battery installation:
  6. Battery Maintenance:
How do I charge my Yuasa battery?

Follow this simple Yuasa video on how to correctly charge your battery:

What does DC, CP, and WC mean?

Often abbreviated in the product name of batteries, e.g. "TTZ10S (CP)"

  • DC = Dry Charged (contains 1 battery, acid not included)
  • CP = Combipack (contains 1 battery and 1 acid pack)
  • WC = Wet Charged (contains 1 battery acid filled and charged)


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Where possible, the Company will endeavour to meet special delivery requirements subject to any additional cost being borne by the Purchaser

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Pallet Charges

Larger items may incur additional carriage charges, including but not limited to 4x4 and SUV tyres.


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Make Model Engine/Variant Year Notes
Kawasaki KH 125 A5 1981 None
Kawasaki KH 125 K1 - EX 1982 None
Kawasaki KH 125 K2 - EX 1983 None
Kawasaki KH 125 K3 - EX 1984 None
Kawasaki KH 125 K4 - EX 1985 None
Kawasaki KH 125 K5 - EX 1986 None
Yamaha DT 125 MX 1976 None
Yamaha DT 125 MX 1977 None
Yamaha DT 125 MX 1978 None
Yamaha DT 125 MX 1979 None
Yamaha DT 125 MX 1980 None
Yamaha DT 125 MX 1981 None
Yamaha DT 125 MX 1982 None
Yamaha DT 175 MX 1979 None
Yamaha DT 175 MX 1980 None
Yamaha DT 175 MX 1981 None
Yamaha DT 250 MX 1979 None
Yamaha DT 250 MX 1980 None
Yamaha DT 250 MX 1981 None
Yamaha DT 250 MX 1982 None
Kawasaki KH 100 G - EX 1984 None
Kawasaki KH 100 G - EX 1985 None
Kawasaki KH 100 G - EX 1986 None
Kawasaki KH 100 G - EX 1987 None
Yamaha XT 500 B 1975 None
Yamaha XT 500 C 1976 None
Yamaha XT 500 D 1977 None
Yamaha XT 500 E 1978 None
Yamaha XT 500 F 1979 None
Yamaha XT 500 G 1980 None
Yamaha XT 500 H 1981 None
Yamaha XT 500 J 1982 None
Yamaha XT 500 K 1983 None
Yamaha XT 250 J 1980 None
Yamaha XT 250 3Y3 1981 None
Yamaha XT 250 3Y3 1982 None
Yamaha XT 250 T 1983 None
Yamaha XT 500 L 1984 None
Yamaha XT 500 M 1985 None
Yamaha DT 125 A 1974 None
Yamaha DT 125 V 1975 None
Yamaha DT 125 C 1976 None
Yamaha DT 175 C 1977 None
Yamaha DT 175 E 1978 None
Yamaha DT 250 D 1977 None
Yamaha DT 250 MX 1978 None
Yamaha DT 400 MX 1977 None
Yamaha DT 400 MX 1978 None
Yamaha DT 175 MX 1982 None
Yamaha DT 175 MX 1983 None
Yamaha DT 175 MX 1984 None
Yamaha DT 175 N - 3TS4 1984 None
Yamaha DT 175 MX 1985 None
Yamaha DT 175 T - 3TS4 1985 None
Yamaha DT 175 MX 1986 None
Yamaha DT 175 W - 3TS4 1986 None
Yamaha DT 175 X - 3TS4 1987 None
Yamaha DT 175 Y - 3TS4 1988 None
Yamaha DT 175 Z - 3TS4 1989 None
Yamaha DT 400 MX 1979 None
Yamaha DT 400 MX 1980 None
Yamaha DT 400 MX 1981 None
Yamaha DT 400 MX 1982 None
Yamaha TT 500 D 1976 None
Yamaha TT 500 E 1977 None
Yamaha TT 500 F 1978 None
Yamaha TT 500 G 1979 None
Yamaha TT 500 H 1980 None
Yamaha TT 500 J 1981 None
Yamaha DT 175 A - 3TS4 1990 None
Yamaha DT 175 B - 3TS4 1991 None
Yamaha DT 175 C - 3TS4 1992 None
Yamaha DT 175 D - 3TS4 1993 None
Yamaha DT 175 F - 3TS4 1994 None
Yamaha DT 175 G - 3TS4 1995 None
Yamaha DT 175 H - 3TS4 1996 None
Yamaha DT 175 J - 3TS4 1997 None
Yamaha DT 175 K - 3TS4 1998 None
Yamaha DT 175 L - 3TS4 1999 None
Yamaha DT 175 M - 3TS4 2000 None
Yamaha DT 175 N - 3TS4 2001 None
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