GS Battery CB5LB-12V - Dry Cell, Includes Acid Pack (Case 4) 4210331

GS battery

Also available in set case quantities of 4.
PB5LB 4210331 GS Battery CB5LB with acid pack yb5lb GS cb5 lb gs cb5l b wa yb5lb batteries GS Battery CB5LB with acid pack 4 YB5LB CB5LB NB5LB GB5LB SKU4210331 Battery GS CB5LB 12V Dry Cell Includes Acid Pack Battery GS CB5LB 12V Dry Cell Includes Acid Pack

GS battery

Also available in set case quantities of 4. Standard 12 volts 5 Ah B5LB 120 mm 60 mm 130 mm GS Batteries GS CB5L B CP
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Any batteries with acid packs will be filled prior to collection to comply with the government regulations

Please note: This battery should never be fitted on it's side. It is only suitable for vertical fitment
  • Most problems with batteries today are due to improper initial activation
  • Newly activated batteries should ALWAYS be CHARGED before you install them into any motorcycle, otherwise they will lose at least 20% of their capacity
  • This will definitely result in a much shorter service life or other battery problems
  • Fill the battery to the indicated level
  • Charge the battery for three to five hours at the current equivalent of 1/10 of its rated capacity to get a full charge.
  • Failure caused by incorrect activation or charging is NOT a warranty issue
  • Width:
    60 mm
  • Height:
    130 mm
  • Acid Type:
    acid pack
  • Battery No.:
  • Capacity:
    5 Ah
  • Length:
    120 mm
  • Voltage:
    12 volts

For full fitment details in a searchable list please check the FITMENTS tab.

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What does DC, CP, and WC mean?

Often abbreviated in the product name of batteries, e.g. "TTZ10S (CP)"

  • DC = Dry Charged (contains 1 battery, acid not included)
  • CP = Combipack (contains 1 battery and 1 acid pack)
  • WC = Wet Charged (contains 1 battery acid filled and charged)


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Gas Gas EC 450 2006
Honda CRM 250 RP 1993
Gas Gas EC 250 2002
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Gas Gas EC 250 Racing 2007
Gas Gas EC 250 2001
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