Affordable Motocross/Enduro Helmets and Accessories

Motocross can be expensive, whether you’re funding your own fun or that of your children. So, it’s no wonder thousands of riders every year pursue the most affordable gear possible.
They say ‘buy cheap buy twice’, and of course plenty is said about the importance of spending big on safety kit, but we’ve found the solution. 


Kids’ helmets (in particular) can cost a fortune, especially when the young’uns just don’t stop growing! You don’t want to be spending £200-£300 on a helmet and then doing the same again next year. But we don’t recommend buying second-hand or choosing helmets without the proper certification; that’s just asking for trouble in the event of a crash. 

That’s where our recommendation comes in: The Nitro MX700 helmet is available in both Junior and Adult sizes, meets all the latest EU standards, and is ACU Gold certified for use in competition. Best of all, Junior helmets retail at £59.99 and Adult helmets at £79.99. 


Gloves and goggles

Want some really cool-looking goggles but think Oakley is your only choice? How about gloves, coloured to match the rest of your gear? Fret not. 

Some of the more affordable goggles can be really quite uncomfortable, break easily or have issues with the lenses making it difficult to see. Not what you want when riding. Fortunately, the NV-100 goggles from Nitro look awesome, feel awesome and only cost £25 a pair! They also correspond on colour with the motocross MX10 Nitro gloves so you can colour co-ordinate, and come in Junior sizes where replacements will only cost you £14.99 or £19.99 for Adults. 

If you’re looking for affordable motocross or enduro kit, the Nitro range of helmets and clothing can be relied upon to meet the latest safety regulations, feature plenty of additional tech, and be pleasantly affordable every time you need something new.